Advice: College+University

Here I will write about what things to think about before or while you are in college. I hope that if you are still in high school and reading this, that you take these things into consideration as they might alter the way you do college and maybe your overall career.ย  1. Know Yourself One … Continue reading Advice: College+University


Creatives to Get you Creative

Hello, hello - it's been a while but here we are once again. There is so MUCH HAPPENING in my brain and I have absolutely no way of finalizing everything that I think about as that would 1.take ages 2. drive me insane. So, I have decided to take that energy and put it towards … Continue reading Creatives to Get you Creative

Channeling Generationsย 

Palestine has been on my mind a little more than usual these days. The holy site of Al Aqsa has been unsafe for Palestinians and Muslims who want to visit the Holy site and/or pray. Pray for those who have been hurt, Pray for peace, Pray for freedom from the occupation. #PrayForPalestine