🌻yellow mellow eid🌻

Eid Mubarak! Although it's a bummer Ramadan is over - now it's time to celebrate 🎊🎉 It's been a minute since I wore an Eid outfit that I actually liked. Allah really had my back this Eid; I literally found my outfit in 30 minutes Alhamdulillah (shoutout to AGaci and good friends who let you … Continue reading 🌻yellow mellow eid🌻


moral correctness

There's a right and a wrong. Theres a yes and a no. Deforestation? Wrong. Cultural appropriation? Wrong. Declining bee population? Wrong. The systematic racism in our economy and government used to continue a cycle of racism, poverty, and oppression on black communities? Also wrong. So much is wrong. Almost everything is wrong. From the FDA … Continue reading moral correctness